First Impressions

Last week at this time I was on a plane on my way to Argentina. This week I’m sitting in my room in my host family’s house after having just completed my first day of school.

First off, it’s freezing! Winter here is cold and I was not prepared for this. I brought a few long sleeves and cardigans but I could definitely use more sweaters. Also, my Spanish is extremely rusty. Although I am still able to communicate with my host family, I feel that we could be closer. It is still helpful to be able to listen to the family speak to each other so that I can get used to hearing it spoken. Although it can be frustrating and intimidating at times, it is still worth it to live with a family even if your Spanish isn’t the best.

Another thing to note is that the first few weeks can get expensive. Buying cell phones, going out, and buying various items that were left at home can add up. It is important not to be too stingy in the beginning. Even though going to Estancia with NYU was expensive, it was an amazing experience. Once school starts going out will be reduced and major fees will have already been paid.

Orientation week was also a great chance to explore the city. I went to a cemetery (it’s more fun than it sounds), saw a protest, saw where the president works, and explored my neighborhood. I live in Palermo which isn’t close to the school but has a great nightlife.

Overall the first week here has gone well. I made new friends and even got to ride horses. Although it can be frustrating at times, living in Buenos Aires is an amazing experience and I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen next.

*All pictures are my own


About jday1991

NYU student in the Global Media Scholars Program in the Steinhardt major of Media,Culture, and Communication. Studying in Buenos Aires Fall 2012 with the help of Banco Santander.

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