Hey! It’s been a while but I’m back. Let me tell you about traveling in Buenos Aires.

Last weekend, I went to Mendoza and it was beautiful! There are so many mountains and different activities to do there. A group of 5 NYU kids (myself included) and 2 German girls who live in the same homestay as one of the NYU girls ventured to this beautiful city and province. On the first day, we rode bikes to various wineries and got to try some wine. The next day we rode horses through the mountains. Finally, we ended with a bus tour of the mountains and even had a chance to be on a snow capped mountain. This is a good place for people who enjoy being outdoors. There are large parks and plenty of trekking and biking and other activities. During the warmer months it is also possible to go rafting in Mendoza.

Details and advice

During the initial plan stages, tell several people about where you are going and find out how people react. Some may react positively but then decide not to go. Big groups can be difficult when deciding on what to do, so try to keep it relatively small. Also, try to get people to commit as soon as possible. We had a few people who because we didn’t book all at once, they didn’t get to be on the same bus as others. We also had to turn someone down because he wanted to join the day we were leaving and there wasn’t room in the hostel.

Even though the bus ride to Mendoza is about 13 hours, it isn’t as bad as it sounds because it is an overnight bus and the buses are pretty comfortable. We traveled with Andesmar and had the cama ejecutivo seats. They were large leather seats with lots of leg room and they learned back pretty far. Think of it as a large Laz-e-boy reclining chair. For more money it is possible to get seats that go all the way back like a bed but it’s not necessary. Also, the bus had both dinner and breakfast!  The bus ride began with a game of bingo and the winner gets a bottle of wine. Next, they bring dinner and put on a movie. It is a lot like a plane ride. After dinner, there is another movie. By this time it will be about midnight and you should be ready for bed. There is a blanket and pillow provided. In the morning, they give out breakfast and put on another movie. Before you know it, you are where you want to be.

Overall the trip went well. Don’t be afraid to go on long bus rides because they are comfortable and they do a good job of getting you ready to sleep much like an overnight plane. Mendoza is a beautiful place that I highly recommend.

*all photos are my own


About jday1991

NYU student in the Global Media Scholars Program in the Steinhardt major of Media,Culture, and Communication. Studying in Buenos Aires Fall 2012 with the help of Banco Santander.

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