The study part of study abroad can be incomprehensible at times. It’s easy to forget about school and get carried away being a tourist and trying to travel to other countries. Sometimes it gets frustrating because makeup classes on Fridays make it impossible to travel. However, school is more important and the opportunity to study abroad in itself is worthwhile and fulfilling, even without being able to leave the country. Here, they are very strict about attendance. If a student is absent for 4 times in a class he/she will fail the class. However, some absences can be excused with a doctor’s note. Taking a week off of school to travel is not advisable. Although two absences are allowed, the semester goes by very quickly and the amount of makeup work will cause many all-nighters.

With that being said courses here are still interesting. I really enjoy Argentina Hoy because it is taught for students who are intermediate Spanish speakers. The professor is not as interested in grammar as she is in just speaking and making yourself understood.  It’s also a great way to learn about country. Fieldtrips make the class even more enjoyable.

Another class that I enjoy is journalism. I’m so used to dry academic writing and this is helping me learn how to write with voice and purpose. I also like that it can count as a restricted elective in my major if I so choose. The class went on an awesome street art tour and even had the editor of Argentina’s Rolling Stones speak to us.

This site has many great professors (one that has spent a considerable amount of time with the Bolivian president, and even some cute ones). Although I wish there were more options for my major, the courses here are still interesting and I feel like I am learning a lot of information.

*pictures are my own


About jday1991

NYU student in the Global Media Scholars Program in the Steinhardt major of Media,Culture, and Communication. Studying in Buenos Aires Fall 2012 with the help of Banco Santander.

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