San Telmo

Everybody has different interests. For example, I am not a museum person. Several people have raved about a few museums here, but I can’t comment on that.  For that reason, the most important thing to do in Buenos Aires is not a museum.

The one thing that I truly believe that everyone should do is to go to San Telmo for the fair on Sundays. I know it sounds really touristy but it is so much fun. I admit that I was not interested in the fair when I first arrived. People kept describing it as an antique fair and I have no interest in Antiques. I finally decided to go with a couple friends.

The first time I went it was overwhelming. There were vendors everywhere and at first it all looked like junk. My friends bought a few things but I couldn’t find anything that I thought would make a great gift. It was beginning to rain so I didn’t stay long.

However, when my mom came to visit I decided to return to the fair because it is often described as the thing to do on Sundays. Things were much more appealing this time. I have to admit that it was a little intimidating. We couldn’t decide on what to get. There was lots of jewelry, wine holders, accessories, hand made goods, and the list goes on and on. It is much more than just antiques. Many of the prices are decent, most things of interest were 150 pesos or less (the equivalent of about 30 dollars). It adds up easily when buying gifts for the whole family all in one day. We ended up having to take a break to decide on which things were worth buying. We ate choripan (one of my favorite Argentine foods) at an outdoor place along the market to rest. We spent most of our day at the fair but in the end left with many gifts.

I went back a third time on my last Sunday to buy Christmas gifts for the family. Since I had already been twice, I knew which section of the fair to visit. I was able to make a quick trip to the market and kept things at a reasonable price.  I bought gifts for everyone for less than $100 USD.

I recommend visiting the market more than once. The first time can be overwhelming but it gets better every time. You learn which prices are fair since many venders sell the same things. You also learn which sections have the best goods. Although this is a very touristy option, I highly recommend going to the San Telmo fair and starting in Plaza Dorrego.


About jday1991

NYU student in the Global Media Scholars Program in the Steinhardt major of Media,Culture, and Communication. Studying in Buenos Aires Fall 2012 with the help of Banco Santander.

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